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Jan 25, 2013 8:00am PST
, about jazz, in it, billy farrell, who is one of a very large number of characters, is a jazz pianist and before he begins playing a black leprechaun appears to him, mr. mcginniss so you can assume it's the ghost of mr. mcginniss. as margaret said, in 1949 we came to the south bronx, which was an irish neighborhood, mostly. i was sort of a spaced-out kid, destined obviously to be a poet. i was this big at 13 and i was a good rollerskater and the kids were amazed and they befriended me. after a while, they recognized that i had some sort of athletic ability and because i was so spaced out, they mistook it for great courage and if they pushed me, i pushed them back. it was just like a game. so they took to me and asked me to join the shamrocks. i even changed my name from ed vega to ed mcveigh. and this is how they passed me off because most of the teams they played were other irish kids. this was a regular football team so, consequently, they listed me as eddie mcveigh. it was great fun and my friends were jimmy flynn, paddy o'connor. my siblings married the shenny's and i almost marri
Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
. it is rated r. >> see that kid everybody had spoiled is sick and wrong in movie 43. this comedy has a farrell brother as a producer. it has so many big name stars they all appear in vignettes designed to entertain, shock and sometimes even offend. it is rated r. >> those beautiful people that can't afford it and don't deserve it. >> he is a modern day robin hood in parker. he gets double crossed and left for dead but he survivors the betrayal and looks to even the score in florida where he finds new partner jennifer lopez. they wait for the gang to make a big score before they settle theirs. that is rated r. that is the box office preview. >> up next the maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers and another check of the forecast as we take a live view of sandy point state park. >> there are the maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 thumbs. >> the maryland lottery celebrates purple friday with purple drawings and ravens cash for scratchoff. >> here is the midday pick 3 numbers for purple friday january 25. kicking off with a three. that is a six. and nine. that makes the pick three numbers three
Jan 25, 2013 12:00am PST
a location. we picked a middle spot. we pick st. vincent de paul street and invitors supervisor farrell and green to attend the meeting so i think we're ready to go on that one. >> [inaudible] i will have more information from him. >> that is 6:00 o'clock -- >> when? >> february 27. >> 27. >> the last wednesday in february. >> and it's the third wednesday that we're dark, third wednesday? >> actually we are dark -- if i could raise this with the commission. we are generally dark on the second wednesday of the month and commissioner dejesus serve on the democratic central community and they meet and if we can talk as an agenda -- we might have to adgentize that and move the dark one to the third week and if we could agendize that and discuss it. >>i understand we're doing gun violence presentation. >> well, i wanted to discuss that with you commissioners and if we want to schedule that for the 30 and have the chief figure out who will do the presentation. i don't know if he wanted a presentation or information from the chief. >> it's basically a presentation from the department to kind
Jan 25, 2013 10:00am PST
built out. >>> yes, we have a farrell rapid build out schedule for that very reason we would start the program obviously with 100% bought power and then, quickly, roll out local resources to hedge that and so you would have within a couple of years a significant hedge on your wholesale price of power and by your four-year, five, year six, you are over 50% mitt gated and whatever happens in the market whether it goes up or down it is hit the c c a customer less than it would hit the p g and e kir or the direct access customer who have a more direct exposurethat commodity price. >> and then the residents you bring along after the commercial customers are enrolled. >> well in general because year face one is currently focused on the residential class we are recommending that the residential customers be added quickly in phase two along with the commercial customers to balance the load between day time and night time load is highly advisable in terms of lowering the costs of service and improving the load shape of the aggregation and so yes, we believe that commercial customers sho
Jan 25, 2013 4:00pm EST
that stuff and take it down to farrell's. the tour operator? in wicklow. he'll take i off your hands. he's expecting it? he's expecting you, yeah. you've already sold it to him? it's just business liam, nothing personal. how much? don't do this to yourself. i have to know. what? i know. it's a miracle isn't it? [ ♪ musical interlude ♪ ] got your claim back then? yep. enda, you could prospect in this river for the nextundred years and you wouldn't find enough gold to make a tooth. i think i have. let it grow. do you feel better for that? not really. thanks for last night. it was good. if i had a pound for every time a woman said that to me. yeah, yeah, yeah. do er -- do you do breakfast? i don't give it away. that's the challenge then. captions by: midwest captioning des moines, iowa if i were to ask you where england's first public art gallery opened, you'd be right in thinking it must be london. but no it's not the tate, the national or the royal academy. it's here in dulwich. welcome to the roadshow. this is a corner of the country i know we
Jan 25, 2013 1:30pm PST
and workforce development to come and talk about item number five. >> good morning chair farrell, committee member, supervisor avalos and supervisor mar. on november 20, 2013. the board of supervisors unanimously approved resolution to establish base to be known as moscone expansion district. it was resolution 416-12. in this resolution a public meeting on the proposed establishment of the district and collection of assessment was set for january 23, 2013 at the budget and finance committee. no action will be taken at this meeting on proposed settlement district. testimony can be heard and as members of the public are here to testify. in december a ballot for the special election on the proposed moscone expansion district together with a joint notice of the january 23rd public meeting were mailed to all businesses registered as hotels registered in san francisco. additional testimony on the formation of the moscone expansion district will be taken at the public hearing on february 5th at 3:00 p.m. at a meeting of the full board of supervisors. at the close of the public testimony on februar
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6